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Structural Insulated Panels, also know as SIPs, are a great way to build good looking, cost effective, very energy efficient and healthy buildings. 

Here are just a few reasons why:  


Imagine buildings with large soaring roof lines, open vaulted ceilings and no truss system. When buildings are constructed with Net-Zero SIPs roofs, the roof structure alone is strong enough that it doesn't need an engineered truss system.  Without the need for trusses, Architects,  and Designers have the opportunity to use their design creativity like never before. And the strength of a Net-Zero SIPs buildings gives owners peace of mind that their new building is strong enough to last a lifetime.

Net-Zero SIPs are all engineered products that come with a 20 year manufacturers limited warranty. Each SIP product has been subject to extensive testing and the resulting span and load charts are at least 3 time lower than the failure point established through destructive testing.


Net-Zero SIPs are delivered to the job site pre-cut ready for quick assembly. The large wall, roof and floor panels can be installed much like a puzzle.  The speedy installation not only saves time in the framing process, but the straight panels offer features that save other subcontractors hours (and even days) in their trades. Straighter wall and floor panels mean the walls do not bow and curve, ensure faster installation of cabinets and countertops, enable flooring contractors to lay tile, wood and other flooring products...all without the need of endless shimming and cutting. Straight walls help doors, windows and millwork go into place seamlessly, and offer lighting experts a flat surface to showcase interior lighting effects on a flat surface. And don't forget the homeowners, who are able to display art and photographs on flat walls that do not bow or bend. All the benefits of a SIP's home from Net-Zero


The environmental benefits of choosing Net-Zero Structural Insulated Products are huge. Significantly lower life cycle energy bills and reduced jobsite construction waste wasn't enough to convince you that Net-Zero SIPs are the cream of the "green" building products available today.  Then consider that Net-Zero SIPs offer the use of materials made from rapidly renewable resources, better indoor air quality and temperature control and available tax credits & environmental certifications for the builder and homeowners.  We think you'll agree that Net-Zero SIPs are one of the best environmental construction products on the market. For more information on why building with SIPs is the right thing to do, click here.

Cost Effective

Independent research and experience has shown that while SIPs may cost slightly more in material costs than traditional construction methods, for example 2x6 stick framing, that the overall project costs can be significantly reduced, sometimes up to 30% lower, because of all the building efficiencies that are inherent in building with SIPs. And this does not even consider the savings in heating and operating costs over the life of the project. Again research shows that building constructed using SIPs will cost up to 60% less to heat and that using full-cost accounting, a SIP structure can reach payout in as little as a few years but can keep providing benefits for many decades. In the short term, or in the long term, building with SIPs is cost effect. To request a quote for your project, click here.

Featured Project


Gitsegukla Renovations

Net-Zero has been working in the community of Gitsegukla for the past few weeks on a renovation project that is getting rid of the old and installing the new.

Other than Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP) constructed buildings, Net-Zero also provides refits and renovations of all shapes and sizes.


Did You Know?

sips meets canadian national building codeThe Canadian National Building Code, and therefore the provincial building codes, set minimum energy efficiency standards for new building construction for both insulation and air tightness.


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