Energy-Efficient Chalet on Hudson Bay Mountain Built with SIPs


Energy-Efficient Chalet on Hudson Bay Mountain Built with SIPs

When Jodie and Rob Blackburn decided to build a private chalet on Hudson Bay Mountain, they knew a conventional stick-frame construction was not going to be the most efficient building for their needs. 

“I began to research energy efficiency and affordability and your companies’ product quickly became the front-runner,” says Rob. “We chose Net-Zero Structure’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) for many reasons including ease and speed of erection as well as cost and availability.” 

The gorgeous three-bedroom chalet not only exceeded the Blackburn’s expectations, but also was constructed much faster than a stick-frame home. 

“It was fast,” says Rob. “We saved three weeks on the construction because the walls went up so fast!”

The chalet is extremely spacious with high ceilings; open floor plan and features cedar siding making it ideal to withstand alpine winters. 

Although construction was ultimately quicker than usual, building a SIPs structure requires thoughtful planning to make the job seamless.

“One thing we learned is that it’s important to plan the electrical beforehand,” Rob admits. “The electrical goes in fast with the conduits that come from the factory.” 

According to the Blackburns, they have already referred several others to invest in a Net-Zero Structure for anyone who wants to construct a smarter building. 

“Not only is our chalet very energy efficient and beautiful,” Jodie says, “it is everything we had hoped for.”

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Did You Know?

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The load capacities of Premier SIPs structures allow for construction without a truss system, making the framing method ideal for cathedral ceiling designs.

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