Beat Bad Weather with SIPs

The construction window in many parts of BC and the Yukon can be limited due to seasonal weather. With fall comes a rush to get new buildings to lock up and dry. Using structural insulated panels can save time and labour when there is a race against the weather. 

Canyon Tree Farms in Fort St James, BC recently took advantage of the faster installation offered by SIP technology.
Installation of SIPs in fall weather.
Canyon Tree Farms utilized Net-Zero’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) to build a 48’ by 36’ garage. Twelve inch SIPs were used for the 16’ high walls giving an effective R-Value of R-50. With one step, the installation of SIPs, three building components were installed: the wall structure, wall insulation, and vapour barrier, saving time and helping them get to lock up and dry faster before the winter weather sets in. 

Do you have a project that needs to be completed fast?Do you have a foundation completed and are now looking at increased cost in labour because of colder weather? 

Consider SIPs. SIPs will save you time and money when you’re dealing with not-so-pleasant construction weather and avoid the labour cost over runs because of bad weather. 

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Here's a perspective drawing of the SIP wall structure. 
Perspective drawing of 48'x36' garage with 16' high walls.

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Net-Zero completed renovations of the Kispiox Youth Drop In Centre. 

The work included a 400 square foot addition, interior renovations and an energy retrofit. 


Did You Know?

sips meets canadian national building codeThe Canadian National Building Code, and therefore the provincial building codes, set minimum energy efficiency standards for new building construction for both insulation and air tightness.


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