Superior R-Values Lead to Greater Comfort

Jan 12, 2017 

When the weather is cold the thermal comfort of our homes is important. Our homes are built with different materials, with each material having its own r-value.

R-value is a material's resistance to heat flow, and a higher r-value means that it will conduct less heat. The flip side is that the inside of a wall built with materials with a higher R-Value will feel warmer on the cold winter day. A warmer wall equates to greater comfort.

The important thing about r-values is that you must account for the r-value for all of the components in a wall, the average r-value, and not just the nominal r-value of the insulation. The average r-value is also referred to as effective r-value. When comparing different wall systems (i.e. SIPs, stick frames, advanced stick framed) it's important to compare effective r-values and not the nominal r-values of the insulation. SIP walls have an advantage over most other wall systems because of their continuous insulation leads to higher effective r-value for the same thickness of wall. For example a 6" SIP wall has a 42% greater r-value as compared to a 2"x6" wall with batt insulation. Combine this with their greater ease of construction as compared to a double stud wall construction and the advantages add up more. 

Click here to read more about SIPs and their superior r-values.

If you want another way to think about effective r-value and nominal r-value read this blog by Quick-Therm.

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Net-Zero Structures Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Kispiox Band Council has selected Net-Zero to rebuild the Kispiox gas bar which was destroyed by arson in March of 2014.


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Exceptional indoor air quality and temperature control. Net-Zero SIPs are manufactered using formeldyhude free resins and are assembled using low-VOC adhesives and sealing foam.

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