Canadian Building Code Is Changing

sips meets canadian national building codeThe Canadian National Building Code, and therefore the provincial building codes, set minimum energy efficiency standards for new building construction for both insulation and air tightness.

The current insulation requirement for a new home is R20 which can be achieved using a standard 2x6 stick frame construction approach. However, the Building Code is currently being revised and is set to be release in late 2012.

The proposed Code changes will have a profound effect on how we approach new construction. Research shows that in a conventional stick frame wall with R20 insulation, the actual R-value for the whole wall is only in the R12 to R14 range because of the thermal bridging associated with wooden structural elements. The new code will address this by changing how R-values are calculated so that true whole wall insulation values are used rather than just the insulation value of the selected insulation. In addition the new code will increase the amount of insulation required.

The important take away message is that the insulation and air sealing requirements of the proposed code changes will result in it being near impossible to meet code requirements with conventional 2x6 framing. Interestingly, a wall constructed today with Net-Zero’s 6.5 inch SIP would not only meet the current code requirements for insulation and air sealing, but will exceed the standard proposed in the proposed Code revisions. Building with SIPs makes more sense than ever before.

Featured Project


Energy-Efficient Chalet on Hudson Bay Mountain Built with SIPs

When Jodie and Rob Blackburn decided to build a private chalet on Hudson Bay Mountain, they knew a conventional stick-frame construction was not going to be the most efficient building for their needs. 

“I began to research energy efficiency and affordability and your companies’ product quickly became the front-runner,” says Rob. “We chose Net-Zero Structure’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) for many reasons including ease and speed of erection as well as cost and availability.” 


Did You Know?

Exceptional indoor air quality and temperature control. Net-Zero SIPs are manufactered using formeldyhude free resins and are assembled using low-VOC adhesives and sealing foam.

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