Net-Zero Cabin in the Northwest Territories

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June 30, 2016

Net-Zero recently supplied and erected a cabin on a remote lake property in the Northwest Territories.

The 654 square foot cabin is situated on Tibbit Lake, about 75 km east of Yellowknife. With direction from the client, Net-Zero completed the design and engineering of the cabin plans and supplied the Net-Zero envelope package for the building.

The cabin is extremely remote with no road access, and can only be accessed by boat or plane. The materials were delivered to the lake via a winter road in early spring and then lifted from the lake shore to the building site with a helicopter.

The building envelope consists of a 10 inch floor panel, rated at R40. 8 inch roof panels rated for R32 as well as wall panels and triple pain vinyl casement windows. Net-Zero's Adrian Stam was onsite to lead the construction with a crew of six volunteer, unskilled labourers. With no use of mechanical lifting equipment in the process of erecting the building, from foundation to lock-in the cabin took four full days to wrap up.

Stam said, "It was pretty cool working on a cabin in such a remote location. The solstice sun and the 24 hours of daylight added to the uniqueness of the experience."

The cabin's SIP construction will provide a well insulated structure that will be a great vacation and retreat location for the every season.

If you have a project idea for a remote location, call Greg at 250-847-3143 to discuss.

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Did You Know?

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The load capacities of Premier SIPs structures allow for construction without a truss system, making the framing method ideal for cathedral ceiling designs.

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