Introducing the new, innovative and energy efficient Geo-Shelter System

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Using the GeoShelter will Save you Money...

Save up to 83% of heating fuel costs

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GeoShelters™ provide a warm, airtight and energy-efficient structure that use 83 percent less energy when compared to a high quality insulated tent shelter that are commonly used in the exploration and mining industries. Given the high cost of fuel in remote or northern sites, reducing your heating fuel bill by 83 percent will save a lot of money that can be better spent on finding more recoverable resources. The more you are currently spending on heating fuel, the more GeoShelter will save you. 


Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 13 months


Because the GeoShelter is very energy efficent and reduces fuel expenses by 83 percent, and given the affordable captial cost of a GeoShelter, the Return on Invesment can be as little as 13 months, depending on the climatic setting, accessibility and weather conditions of any specific camp location.




Easily Transportable

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GeoShelters™ are designed to be transported by ground or air, making them ideal for remote camps. Because they are made from SIPs, the Geoshelter can be broken down into managemeble loads as per the requirements of each project. GeoShelters can be transported by truck and by most fixed or roter0-winged aircraft.



Four-season operability 

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GeoShelters™ are warmer and more comfortable than conventional shelters and therefore four-season operations become more practical, affordable and safer, especially in extreme winter or Arctic conditions. In the highly competive exploration and mining business, extending your field season can make all the difference. 



Engineered product

Each GeoShelters™ is certified by a professional engineer. And all GeoShelters are manufactered using SIP which are also engineered produst which have been subjected to rigourous testing.

Designed for high snow and wind loads

snow load 3 resizedThe standard GeoShelter™ is rated for a 75 lb/ft2 snowload with options that will increase snowload rating up to 275 lb/ft2. Operations in areas with extreme snowfalls or extreme wind loads has never been easier.  And unlike a convential tent shelter, there is no need to remove the Geoshelter each year and this save time and money, year after year.



Code compliant

Each GeoShelter™ is Building Code and BC Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbvia compliant and contribute to manageing your risk and potential improve your relationships with regulatory officials. 

Increased durability

GeoShelters™ have a 20-year warranty against manufacturer defects and offer superior resistance to insects, vermin, rot, mildew and mold. Unlike conventional tents that require replacement or costly repairs after only a few years, the GeoShelter can provide years of virtually maintance free service, saving you time and money.

Quick & safe assembly

quick easy resizedGeoShelters™ are designed to be safely assembled in less than four hours by a two-man crew with limited training and standard equipment. 





Scalable - no project too big or too small

architectural-drawings-resizedGeoShelters™ are scalable building systems. We can custom design cost effective, strong, energy effi cient buildings to meet any application or specification. The GeoShelter can be used to replace convential wall tent structures, and or can be designed to provide integrated camp facilities for hundreds of workers. Any industrial building which is heated can benefit from the energy and money saving characteris of the GeoShelter.



Fire resistant 

fire image-resizedIn comarision to conventional tent shelters, the GeoShelter™ have superior fire resistance characteristics. Every year in North America workers are seriously injured or killed in tent fires; the GeoShelter virually eleimates this risk. Each Geoshelter comes with hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide dectors and a 2 kg fire extinguisher as standard equipment. 



Prewired Electrical System

LED bulb resizedGeoShelters™ have a standard electrical system that includes energy efficient LED interior and exterior lighting, electrical receptacles and a hard-wired dual smoke/carbon monoxide alarm. The systems are designed to be compatible with stand generator based systems and can be customized to meet any requirement.




The GeoShelter™ system allows for rapid takedown for transportation and can be easily redeployed.

Manufactured in the North

Smithers aerial resizedGeoShelters™ have been designed to specifically meet the needs of the exploration and mining industry and are manufactured in the North in Smithers, BC, for Northern applications.





Featured Project


Gitsegukla Renovations

Net-Zero has been working in the community of Gitsegukla for the past few weeks on a renovation project that is getting rid of the old and installing the new.

Other than Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP) constructed buildings, Net-Zero also provides refits and renovations of all shapes and sizes.


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