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Reduce costs. Increase comfort.

Net-Zero Renovation Panels are similar to SIPs in that it is made of EPS foam but it is laminated to a single skin of OSB on only one side. Therefore, the Renovation Panel is not structural like a SIP but it is an excellent and cost-effective choice for applying insulation to the exterior or interior of an existing building envelope where structural upgrades are not required. Net-Zero Renovation Panels can be used for internal and external walls, roofs and interior basement walls. You can decrease a building’s energy use and increase indoor comfort with one easy to install insulated panel product.

Net-Zero Renovation Panels are a very cost effective way to bring older buildings up to the energy efficiency standards of the New Building Code and for meeting the New Building Code's requirement for enhanced insulation in new buildings.

And the Renovation Panel solves one of the problems with exterior application of high density rigid foam, a common approach to adding insulation to both new and existing buildings. The problem is that you cannot apply more than 2 inches of high density foam board without the requirement for additional structural strapping and still be able to side the building with heavy siding products like stucco or Hardie siding. The Renovation Panel can be installed with up to 12 inches of insulating EPS foam (R-48) and still have the structural strength so you are not limited in your choice of siding material. And costs less than high density foam products!



The Basics of Net-Zero’s Renovation Panel:

• Install over stick framing construction or against concrete basement walls

• Ideal for renovation or new construction

• Meets building codes & energy standards for an all-in-one solution for continuous insulation (rigid foam EPS), and nail base (OSB or Ply) for cladding attachment

Net-Zero’s Renovation Panel Features & Benefits:

• Economical insulation and structural nail base in one product

• Solid continuous insulation reduces thermal bridging to add required energy efficiency to projects

• Meets today’s 2009 IECC energy standards: R-Value of 7.8* for 2” panel

• EPS insulation R-Values remains stable for life

• OSB or Ply laminated to the foam installs faster to save labor in the field, while providing a suitable substrate for cladding attachment

• Add structural shear capacity

• No additional tools required: Renovation Panels install with commonly available tools (ie nail guns or screw guns, depending on panel thickness)

• Hang siding and house-wrap/weather barriers directly on standard 4’ x 8’ panels

• Multiple substrates available (plywood, gypsum, T-111, etc.)

• Qualifies for Energy Star, LEED, environmental certification programs and tax incentives

Featured Project


Kispiox Gas Bar

Net-Zero Structures Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Kispiox Band Council has selected Net-Zero to rebuild the Kispiox gas bar which was destroyed by arson in March of 2014.


Did You Know?

As the difference between ambient air and the air encapsulated in the EPS foam in a Net-Zero SIP panel become more and more pronounced, the r-value of the foam increases. The practical implication is that the colder it gets, the more insulation value the foam has.  Read more...

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